Mailbox surprises

Okay- let’s take a quick poll here on the blog.

Raise your hand if you like to get mail?!?

…..That’s what I thought! We all love getting mail. {For the record bills don’t count in this poll- they aren’t mail. They are little pieces of paper that remind us that living costs money. They aren’t mail. Period. }

Just like all of you, I love to get mail! I opened my door the other day to find my mail lady on my front steps holding not one, but TWO packages for me! (my town is totally small enough for her to deliver mail to my doorstep when it is raining- plus, she is super sweet!) What a day! ….I felt like I was 8 all over again! SO FUN!

Mailbox goodies

Look at the love in the mail!

♥The blogging community never ceases to amaze me. You are all so wonderful! I can’t believe that some of you reading this little blog go out of your way to comment, show love/support, and just be pure amazing. If you’re reading this- thank you for being so supportive. Always. ♥ I’m blessed! 🙂

Corey made my baby a bib filled with love! I was so touched that she went out of her way to MAKE my baby a bib! Look at that beach scene she painted on there for my baby! How stinking sweet! What a lucky little one I have in this growing tummy of mine- already being loved from miles around! 🙂

Baby bib from Corey

The card inside= sooo cute! I am totally in love with this card! It is perfect for our growing little one and his/her mommy of an elementary teacher!

It is a Curious George card that says:

” Congrats on your future little mischief maker!”

See? Cutest.Baby.Card.Ever.

I also got a box from Katy that I had won from her sensable snacking giveaway- the timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’ll be working on common core alignment for my district from 7:00am-6:00pm Tues, Wed, & Thurs of this week. I totally broke into a Z bar while sitting listening to my lecture leader today.  Such a lifesaver since I’m away from food that I believe to be healthy and am only around food that mainstream population finds enjoyable. This box of goodies will come in SUPER handy this week!  Thank you, Katy!

Snack box

…..AND- she threw in some Trader Joe’s chocolate!

….Needless to say, I’m in love!!!

Trader Joe's Chocolate

Oh heavens YES!

After a long day of sitting and listening to Common Core— I’m off to do something other than think. Yep, turning the brain off for the evening. I’ll see you all again soon. (with a post about something interesting— I hope.)

QUESTION: Have you gotten anything good in the mail lately?


9 responses to “Mailbox surprises

  1. I love getting mail! I’ve been getting a ton of wedding-related stuff in the mail lately (because I ordered so much online). Not gonna lie, I will be a little sad when it stops!

  2. My husband always teases me on how excited I get when I get any sort of mail, whether it be bills or packages!!

    Both of your packages are definitely good ones. That bib is adorable!! ❤

    –Since moving to Kuwait, they don't have some of my foods from the states so I make a weekly order through vitacost for some goodies. I usually get a pkg once a week. With that, I have been getting some birthday gifts as well. I swear it feels like christmas around here 🙂

  3. Aww that bib is adorable. What a fun day of mail. I received two very exciting things today: fabric swatches for crib bedding I like & my BLANQI. Twas a very good day 🙂

  4. Aw, so fun!

    Hmmm I haven’t gotten any exciting packages at our new house yet. Time to do some online shopping. 😉

  5. getting mail is the best. There is something to be said for mail vs email for sure! Packages are so much fun even if i ordered it for myself!

  6. Ugh. Common core alignment. You definitely deserved two packages in the mail! PS: I have that spice grinder from TJ and love it! I grind it over peanut butter toast all the time for breakfast 🙂

  7. So sweet! What great timing for you 🙂 I LOVE that chocolate from TJs!! I devoured two bars in less than a week!

  8. Seriously mail is the best. I’m getting a new lawn mower in the mail today!! Haha. A push mower… like the old-fashioned kind. We have a pretty small yard at our new house! 🙂

  9. i love that you loved your bib! xoxo from Trinidad

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