Exercise During Pregnancy …. it does a body good {part I}

For starters…. I want to say that I am NOT a medical doctor, I am a teacher of children. All of the information on this post is from my personal experience and is not to be taken as adivice.  I’m just sharing my own ideas and thoughts. Every pregnancy is different and agian, I am NOT a doctor….. I only fix ouchies  at school 🙂

This is as far as my doctoring skills go 🙂

I know that I had a few weeks of complete and utter confusion about pregnancy and exercise but after much research and another talk with my doctor- I finally have things ironed out FOR ME. No one else but ME.

The first step to me letting go of the chains that were holding me back was talking to my doctor in more detail and getting on the same page. Initally, we were in completely differnt books – heck, the books weren’t even in the same language! Now that I’ve found my pregnancy exercise groove, I thought I’d let you know how it’s going… So here are my exercise basics while I’ve been pregnant.

Julie’s Pregnancy Exercise Basics

 Be aware of my heart rate.  

Yep, be aware— don’t be bound to it. ….After having a true heart to heart with my doctor he said, the 140 bpm rule is kind of fluid. I don’t need to get crazy and have my heart around 190 bmp- especially for long periods of time. I can’t lie, my heart rate really gets up there when I’m working out. However, when I feel it getting really high- I stop and scale it back and wait for my heart rate to drop back to a moderate intensity level. I am personally okay with 150’ish while I’m working out. It can reach up there (more than 150 for sure) for a little while but it is VERY short lived and I nearly drop in my tracks to catch my breath and make sure the baby isn’t being put under a lot of stress.

My Mio tracks my heart rate…. except mine is orange 🙂

I wear my heart rate monitor on every run. I sometimes forget it and then I’ll stick to walking for the majority of the time that I am out. It has been a key tool to help me stay on track, get a good sweat on, and know that I’m exercising for both me and my baby– not putting the little one under stress.

Stop if something feels wrong!

I have found out that pregnancy exercise can be broken down into four types of days:

  • Days where exercising….. is hard and exhausting.
  • Days where exercising….. feels great and you’re rockin’ it.
  • Days where exercising….. is uncomfortable.
  • Days when exercising…. just feel wrong.

On those days where exercising just feels wrong, I’ll jog a few steps and something feels wrong in my body.  Usually painful or completely wrong for a body to be moving , almost at all.

Stop when it doesn’t feel right!

Those are usually the days where the relaxin hormone is going crazy and it makes running (and walking) extremely painful. Other days the way the baby is positioned in my body makes things truly hurt- my stomach will feel as if if has 50 pound weights inside of it, instead of the 20 pounds total that I’ve put on. Each step jars my stomach. When that happens, that will be it for me. The workout is complete and I end it. I stop in my tracks and it’s done for the day. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Do the best I can, each day I can.

Each day is a new day! I am so blessed to be able to be moving! I need to get my body moving as much as possible, no excuses. I try to do the very best I can each and every day that I can. Like I said above, some days, I can feel like an all-star but other days are hard; but I can’t stop! I know the moment that I stop moving and start making excuses, it will become instantly harder.  On the days where I don’t exercise, move, or get my heart pumping, I don’t feel good- I feel very prgnant and my entire body will hurt. I just embrace the moment and be proud that at week 35, I’m still doing the best I can each day I can…. and that’s all I could ever ask of myself.

do your best

Move….just move.

I need to get my body moving, no excuses. Even on the days where the relaxin hormone has made my pelvis feel like it is literally split in two, I make an effort to move as much as I can- walking to get the mail, cleaning the house, watering my garden, and doing laundry. I don’t want to make excuses for myself- I KNOW that I could easily let myself fall into ‘Pity Party Mode’ on the tough days and probably stay there. I’ve had a couple days where I was setting up the decorations and sending out invitations for the pity party and had to realize that the decorations had to come down and I had to toughen up!

5 steps or 5 miles…. just move!

Be proud of myself. 

As long as I’m doing what is best for Baby H and myself, that is all I could ever ask for. I’m not just keeping my body healthy for me, I’m trying to keep my body healthy so that I can grow a healthy baby! ……. I am proud that I’ve kept this body moving for two!

I love this!

Question: What are your exercise basics?


19 responses to “Exercise During Pregnancy …. it does a body good {part I}

  1. I’m so glad you and your doctor reached an agreement on your exercise habits. I was used to 5-6 days/week exercise before getting pregnant and scaling back was mentally difficult but physically necessary. Especially now that I’ve got sciatic pain. Ugh, walking is literally a pain in my butt!

  2. ittybitsofbalance

    Yey for coming to a mutual understanding with your doctor! I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been to feel like you two were on different pages– especially considering exercise is something that you love so much!
    I’ll definitely be coming back to these guidelines when I’m cooking my own little bun in my oven (If God allows!)

    • I’m glad we are on the same page too! I was losing my mind for a while there…. now he is completely supportive of me being active- especially when we discussed some of the research that I had done! Dr. James Clapp has the right idea for this girl!

  3. when i was still pregnant i walked a ton…at the trail, around the track, and treadmill. listening to your body is so important… i had days where i would show up to the gym start my workout, and end up sitting on the bench, lol…glad to see you and your doctor are agreeing 🙂

  4. Great post Julie! I am very curious about how working out will go when/if I’m pregnant! I really hope to stay active when the time comes!

    Sort of like you were saying, I know that if I allow myself a “free pass,” then NOT exercising will become a habit & I definitely wouldn’t want that to be the case!

  5. i wish i could move girl….the dr didn’t go well today. in fact it was a 2 hr appointment filled with tears…lots and lots of tears.

    running is so so so far away from happening – sad.
    BUT…i am happy that you are moving and groovin..i bet it feels weird with a baby inside you and working out… i can’t imagine. 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. That shirt is adorable. Sounds like you’re doing what’s right for your body!

  7. Those are awesome guidelines!!! Totally doable. Love your attitude even when I know you’d love to do more. Can’t wait for the baby!!

  8. excellent advice! Especially about the one where if it feels wrong…stop. I’ve had those moments too and I just realize it’s my body telling me today? Take it easy! I actually JUST wrote a post this morning about my pregnancy fitness! I love other mommas trying to keep fit too! Great job!

  9. Good job Julie! I had a very hard time keeping up with my exercise during my pregnancy. I just didn’t feel well enough to get up and go. Once the six week postpartum period is over I plan to get back into my routine!! I am very much looking forward to that!

  10. I’m glad you’re being careful and listening to your body! And I just thought about your doctor’s earlier comment…I hope you’re not worrying too much about pregnancy weight gain – your body and your baby needs it! 🙂

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