Exercise During Pregnancy….. It does a body good! {part II}

Wait….Exercise during pregnancy does TWO BODIES GOOD!! 

I wanted to take a moment to share what exercise has done for these two bodies over the last 36 weeks! I know that once the baby comes, exercise will be a whole new bag of tricks but until then, I’m thankful for all that it has done for me. Here are ten things that exercise during pregnancy has done for me.

Julie’s Top Ten List

#1- Exercising has…. kept me sane. It has given me something to focus on and time alone outdoors- exactly what this girl thrives off of.

#2- Exercising has….. helped with pregnancy pains. For 36 weeks along- I’m doing really great! True, my body hurts some, I’d be lying if I said I was 100%. But, I am NOT miserable, in fact, I’m great!

#3- Exercise has…..  helped with the swelling in my feet & hands. When I’m not exercising- I get pretty swollen and it can kind of hurt. Keeping the blood flowing is  super helpful for me.

#4- Exercise has…. helped me maintain my identity. I am active. That is me. I am happiest when I’m active and losing the abiltiy to move would be beyond what I could take.

#5- Exercise has…. helped keep me ‘regular‘. {That may be waaaay TMI but pregnancy is super notorious for constipation.}  When it is a problem that I deal with normally, being pregnant has the ability to magnify it, times 1,000!  When I’m exercising- I’m good in this department. When I’m not- it’s waaaay bad.

#6- Exercise has….. helped keep my body strong! 

#7- Exercise has….. helped with pregnancy weight gain. (or at least I’m assuming it has.) I have gained about 22’ish pounds this far @ 36 weeks.

#8- Exercise has…. provided me an oppertunity to bond with my baby. I feel like we are making our bodies healthy together. It is fun to take the baby out for a run and then feel him/her go crazy when I come back and enhale a large glass of water.

#9 – Exercise has…. given me time to reflect on my pregnancy. While I’m out, I am ALWAYS listening to podcasts! I love me some preggiepals, pregtastic, parentsavers, and new moms-new babies! I have gained so much information from them and gotten the chance to reflect on my own pregnancy.

….Now what I’m really hoping for- it hasn’t happened yet. I’m crossing my fingers that…..

#10 – Exercise will….. help me with labor. 🙂

I can’t even lie- that is a huge incentive for me to keep this tush moving!

  • Question: Has anyone seen July?!

I’d like to find its location and bring it back to the beginning!!!


14 responses to “Exercise During Pregnancy….. It does a body good! {part II}

  1. Totally agree with all your points on working out while pregnant.. I def. felt the same…I am glad you are able to stay active 🙂 I can’t believe you are 36 weeks already!!! Holy Moly! And yes… July flew by!

    • I’m really hoping it helps with labor— crossing my fingers!
      I have to say, my dad is one of the cutest when it comes to excitement over my pregnancy. He is going to be beaming when this grandchild arrives and I imagine I’ll see a tear or two when he sees all three of his grandchildren in the same room.

  2. I definitely plan on staying as active as possible whenever I have kids for every reason you listed above! I can’t believe how close you are to meeting your little one!

  3. I second exercise keeping you sane! I’m pretty hormonal right now, and anything brings on a cry feat. But I feel much more balanced on days I exercise. And I LOVE the Preggie pals/pregtastic podcasts while walking the dog or cleaning the house 🙂

  4. When I’m pregnant, I hope to stay just as active! I like these reasons!

  5. ittybitsofbalance

    You’re so inspiring Julie! It’s comforting to hear that you’re embracing the way that pregnancy is changing your life, and are still finding ways to incorporate those healthy exercise habits. And boy oh boy do I feel ya on the regularity thing– When I’m not exercising I feel like a blimp! Haha TMI also? 😉

    • Thank you! I know some people find it annoying and not inspiring- like I’m trying to put them down. But, I’m just so thankful for how great I feel this far into the game I can’t help but be excited! 🙂
      I debated putting it on the blog- but it’s true and I’m pretty open so I decided- Why not?!

  6. yay! Good for you 🙂 I’m so glad everything sounds like it’s working out as ideally as possible!! Love the updates and can’t wait to see the little one, you’re already training them to be a little runner 😉

  7. I tried really hard to keep up my exercise during my pregnancy but it was really difficult. I just didnt feel all that well throughout my whole pregnancy. You’re doing great!!

  8. fitandfuninthird

    Hiii!!! I’ve missed reading all of your updates, I’m so happy to be back and can’t wait to catch up! 🙂

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