Intimidated by 4th Grade?

Yes, I passed the 4th grade many moons ago. In fact, it was one of my favorite years- I had a stellar teacher that taught out of love for each of her students. She still refers to all the girls in my class as ‘her girls’. 4th grade is fun! 4th grade is full of good times? 4th grade is where friends hang out! Not intimidating at all, right?

WRONG! 4th grade is intimidating as heck for this girl!

Ready or not….. here it comes!

The first day of school is approaching really quickly!

Kids will be walking through my classroom doors on August 22nd and be ready to learn! ……and my due date is ….. Drumroll please….

………… AUGUST 22nd!

Top 5 things to do!

  • Lesson plans need to be made- curriculum outline for the year!
  • Classroom needs to be purged of old material
  • All drawers and closets need to be organized —I don’t want the sub to find any old skeletons in my teaching closets! 🙂
  • new bulliton boards need to go up
  • Sub lesson plans need to get put together

For those Spinach and Sprinkles readers who have been around the block a time or two with this crazy lady- you know I am switching grades AGAIN! ….I will be a 4th grade teacher this year. Holy heavens!

I have my reservations about switching again and am super nervous to be taking on a whole new curriculm again, especially with learning our Kansas State Standards as well as preparing my class for the Common Core Standards as well. Yipes! …..I don’t even have all my teachers edition books in yet! Ahhhh! I can go on and on about the things to do. I just wish I knew if I was going to start the year with the kids I love teaching or if I will be caring for my own little bundle to love! (sooo excited for that!) 

However, I do have a start on a couple of things……

One 'grape bunch' of kids

I’ll be putting their names in the grapes as soon as I know my class list!

iLearn iTune into Learning

Welcome to Mrs. H’s classroom! …. The outside doors are started!

Teacher tip— I use fabric to back all of my boards and ribbon as borders. It all stores so much easier and looks so much more home like! I love the ease of putting it up too.

The classroom ball is rolling and I will be going to the doctor today to see if things are rolling as quickly as they were for the basketball under my shirt as they were two weeks ago. If so—- I need to get my rump into gear!!!!

QUESTION: Ready for all that August brings? 


25 responses to “Intimidated by 4th Grade?

  1. I’m excited for you — your classroom is so cute! I can see how that would be very stressful though. Teachers in Indiana get switched around all of the time too, and it sounds frustrating!

  2. My friend is starting her first year of teaching this year, in kindergarten! Oh man bless her soul! ha I’ve been trying to help her decorate though, I’ll have to let her know that fabric idea!!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Good luck with everything! I cannot believe you are due the same day as you start school! Good luck lady!!! 🙂

  3. Everything looks so cute!

    So if you don’t have the baby before 8/22, you’ll be starting the school year?

  4. what an awesome looking classroom!! So fun that you actually make an effort to brighten the room up a bit. I wish they still did that in high school, I sometimes feel like I am literally in a jail cell! I’m sure 4th grade will be awesome, best of luck, I know all the kiddos will love you!

  5. Fourth grade is the best! I might be biased 😉 I feel your pain on switching to common core w/no teacher guides. Or any curriculum to match it for that matter! So frustrating.
    Have they finalized who your long-term sub is yet? My friend was able to have a whole week with the long termer teaching and my friend was in the background as guidance. It won’t be happening for me, bummer! Can you imagine how nice that would be?!
    I love the iPod theme. I was thinking of doing something like that, and making my own iPod posterboard with reading strategies as the playlist. Or something along those lines. Not sure yet. I moved into another teacher’s classroom (who I’ll be team teaching with after maternity leave) and she uses the fabric/ribbon too. So much cuter!

    • I hope the team teaching business works out PERFECTLY for you and your team teacher this year- it would be an awesome experience to learn from another teacher for a whole year! ….My iPod says >learn >play >ask >listen ect…. (at least I think that is what I put on it?! HA!)

      • Fun! It might also be fun to do a second iPod with the playlist being the classroom rules, or the morning routine…hmm the possibilities are endless! I’m planning to do a twitter feed wall on my door and at the end of new learning lessons I’ll have my exit card be to compose a tweet about what they learned or what they feel like they can do well now. And a pinterest board of 3/4 quality work for examples. Yay, I’m getting excited to set up my room!

  6. I don’t know how you do the switch grades every year thing–that would be so hard! I love your “itune into learning” display. Super cute! I used to use fabric for my bulletin boards until the fire marshall came in and said we couldn’t do that anymore. It was a sad day. 😦 Good luck with getting everything ready! As hectic as it is, I do miss the back-to-school days. Someday I’ll get to have fun with it again.

  7. Omigosh how crazy that school is starting back up again so soon! And that must be really difficult not to know if you are starting the year or not! So it will just be subs during your maternity leave? Or will there be one teacher who will stay the whole time? And I love your decorations so far! That iLearn thing is adorable! It’s normal to feel apprehensive, but you will be great!

    • I have one teacher that will be taking over for me while I’m away, which is great. I like her a lot—- I’m just no good at giving my kids to someone else! Especially because I’ve had some of them for three years in a row- and others for two years…. I’m so attached to them!

  8. First of all… you are going to ROCK 4th grade. I’ve done 3rd and 4th, and honestly loved them both for different reasons. You’re going to be great. I’m sure it’s so overwhelming thinking about everything that needs to get done, but it’ll happen… have faith! 🙂
    Second of all… you are a genius. Covering your bulletin board in fabric?!?! Why haven’t I ever thought of that?! Does the color fade by the end of the year though?

  9. First of all…. your going to ROCK 4th grade. I’ve done 3rd and 4th and loved them both for different reasons. I’m sure it’s overwhelming to think of everything that needs to get done, but have faith! 🙂
    Second of all… you are a genius! Fabric on your bulletin boards?! Why have I never thought of that?! Great idea!! Does the color fade by the end of the year though?

    • Mine never has faded too bad, but I don’t have direct sunlight on them all day either- I bet if a window shone directly on them, it would make a difference but I’ve always had REALLY good luck with it! Give it a try 🙂 It makes the room look so much warmer, and it is easier to put up and take down (in my opinion)

  10. You are going to LOVE fourth grade. I’ve taught every grade.. lol.. i was a little overworked. but 4th was a highlight every year!!! love your doors!

  11. You will be a wonderful 4th grade teacher and mama. As hard as it is for me to relax, my husband always reminds me that some of the fun is in the surprises in life. I hope you enjoy all of yours!

    • I feel like I’m taking it in stride— I am so glad that I love the kids I teach so much. After these three years, they are a part of my heart!…. I’ll enjoy the ride this year, I’m sure-especially since there is an end in sight! I should move to first grade the next year (and stay there!)

  12. holy moley girlie… aren’t you supposed to be resting and such? a new grade, school starting…u are a rock star! i LOVE the “itune into learning” so clever!

    xoxo from missouri

    off to go walk/running – eek!

    • Resting? Ummmm- I’m so afraid that if I start resting, I’ll never stop! …..I’m still running as much as I can- run a quarter mile, walk a quarter mile, ect….. Hoping it will encourage baby H to settle in there and decide to come a few days early!
      Hope your walk/run went well! Fingers crossed for you!!!

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