{{Bump love}}

Baby Bump Sign

Bump love!

If you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ve seen this picture in my “Growing our Blessing” photo album. If  not, I just had to share because I am so thankful for this bump! I still can’t believe that God has blessed the husband and me with our growing baby ! He/She can arrive ANY day! Holy heavens!!! 🙂

I always find myself feeling guilty for my pregnancy posts- who wants to hear about this pregnancy? Wouldn’t they rather hear about the delicious Almond Butter that I made last week? I want to share those recipes and aspects of healthy living, really, I do. But, I have been so stinking strapped for time I just can’t manage. However, I will regret it if I don’t document this FOR ME & BABY. So, I’m not going to feel guilty about boring you with what was going on during those weeks- I’ll get to the almond butter some day. It just won’t be today.

****Sidenote: I have been SUPER annoyed with wordpress- is anyone else having issues switching headings and such? It is taking me three times as long to post now due to it being weird! …It’s driving.me.nuts……

Week 34

Week 34

Growing Baby H for 34 weeks

Week 34 up:

My wonderful mom & dad came to a farm show in larger town that is about 45 minutes away from my home so I got to spend time with my mom & dad! I know they came down just to see me, the husband, & the baby. 😉 My mom helped me paint our changing table (which looks amazing in our nursery!) and after the farm show- we all piled into baby’s room and got the ceiling fan installed. (air circulation reduces the risk of SIDS so it is a MUST for baby’s room! ) It really helped me feel like we are even more ready for baby to come any day now! …..Love my parents, I can only pray that I’ll be 1/10th as great of a parent as they are! 

Week 34 down:

My dad drove away and was super sad saying— “This will probably be the last time I see Julie pregnant this time around”. I hate being away from my family. Hate isn’t even a strong enough word….. It made me sad for my dad to feel that way- I just wish I could bother them each and every day…. with my love. 🙂

Week 35

Week 35

Week 35 up

I got to go home for a couple of days to see my family! It was a VERY short 30’ish hours but I got to take my niece & nephew to our county fair and ride the carosouel with them!♥  Plus, I got to run into my best friend from high school’s mom and chat with her for a while as well as a cousin that I haven’t seen in ages. It was so nice to be home. I also went to the doctor this week and…..

I AM DILATED! ……Holy heavens! I’m dialated at 35 weeks! The doctor said it was ‘a solid one’. I immediately asked ‘is that normal for 35 weeks?!‘ His response, “No! Not at all. You’re just ahead of the game, even though it doesn’t mean a whole lot at this point. “

BABY is HEAD DOWN!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray! I am extatic about this! Baby is head down so that makes this momma VERY happy!

Week 35 down

I am measuring small. My fundal measurement that is…. this has nothing to do with how much weight I’ve gained or my size. We’ll have to see what the doctor says at week 36 to find out more- I could just be dehydrated. So, we shall see what the next appointment brings….

Week 36 

Week 36

36 weeks along!

Week 36 Up

The heat is on for all of our family- both sides… Boy? or Girl? …. My dad is getting really excited to know what it is. He says he needs to know if he needs to buy “Guns or Dolls”! I told him that it is “Guns or Diamonds!” 🙂 I am much more apt to tell him if he makes it “Gun or Diamonds”…. especially if the mommy gets a diamond or two! (my dad and I have this thing— he loves guns, I love diamonds. Both are shown to hold their value over time but we always argue about the value between the two!) I’m such a girl sometimes! I.heart.diamonds………. It is just so fun to see our families get so excited to meet our baby and finally know what our blessing is! 

Week 36 Down

My only real down: work is stressful and I’m not even in the middle of a school year!

I am on edge all the time just waiting for my water to break or something…. Each ache or pain makes me wonder what is going on in my body. Which is kind of a bummer because the aches and pains are quite frequent- not bad or unbearable but juuuuuuussssttt enough to make me wonder what is going on in there!  It is the most crazy thing to wait for labor to start! I’m excited to meet our baby but soooooo nervous for labor! I feel like I’m on pins and needles all.the.time. Just hanging around waiting for the most important day of my life thus far. It’s so surreal!

Question: Any ups and downs in your week?! -or- Any advice for this girl for the next few weeks of her life?


35 responses to “{{Bump love}}

  1. livepassionatelytonight

    You are such a cute pregnant lady!

  2. I am so excited for you–I don’t even know how to put it into words! Also, I really wish that we lived closer so that I could babysit for you! I normally watch elementary school-aged children, but this summer I’ve been nannying for a baby and I love the change of pace. She is so sweet and makes you appreciate the simplest things in life! Best of luck when your little bundle of joy arrives…can’t wait to “meet” him or her! XO

  3. fitandfuninthird

    I am just in awe of you. Your amazing, lady! And so soon… Your going to be carrying around your little munchkin! I can’t wait to hear news… I’m so excited for you!!! 🙂

  4. You look fantastic! I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

  5. I am 31 weeks pregnant myself and love hearing pregnancy posts, I know what you mean about the aches and pains, I imagine it only gets worse in 4 weeks! This is my first pregnancy but ALL the stories I hear are once you are in REAL LABOR, you just KNOW! Good luck!
    Kasia (Chicago)

  6. you look awesome!!! I’m so so so excited! I could never get sick of the pregnancy posts, lol. It’s fun hearing the updates of what is going on with little Baby H and mama 🙂

  7. When I first told my friends I was preggers they asked if I was going to talk about it on the blog. I said once a week for updates, but I didn’t want it to stray from the healthy living/food focus….well now that I’m 31 weeks in I’d much rather talk about (and read about!) pregnancy and child rearing! Hahaha, so please, the more details the better! It is so fun to share our experiences. I’m getting SO excited for you! And already dilated, yeah, I’d be walking around on pins and needles too!

  8. Don’t feel bad for writing about your pregnancy; I love reading your posts!

  9. I still read your blog all the time especially because I love your pregnancy posts, so don’t feel guilty!!! I am so, so happy for you ❤

  10. Don’t feel one bit guilty about your pregnancy posts…it’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait to find out whether it’s a girl or a boy!! Has school already started for you? Classes start one week from today for us:)

  11. So exciting that you could meet your little blessing any day now!

  12. I love this post. I adore little children, always have, but never wanted it for myself. I’m much happier being the babysitter, the aunt, the cousin, but you me wonder if, as women, we can have it all. Your pictures and your “bump” are adorable.

  13. how exciting!! oh my gosh i’m so happy for you:) I love the pic with the “bump” sign! so creative!

  14. Yay! Soon you will be holding your little one! The waiting game was rough for me too and she was my 4th baby…I love your first pic in this post, so cute!! I am looking forward to reading about your upcoming birth and “meeting” your little one!! 🙂 Many blessings Julie!!

    • I can’t believe that I will get to hold our little one!!! Actually hold it in my arms! Wow!!! …..I’m doing okay waiting but just wish I knew when he/she was going to come so I could be prepared for school and such. …. Hope things are great with the addition of your little angel!

  15. Im praying for you girl…hope you have a wonderful delivery – short and as painfree as possible. I cant wait to see if its a boy or girl…. My friend had a boy – Kion, the other friend had a girl – Autumn. and my Trini friend is still waiting like you….she’s naming her boy Jennings….love that name…
    \xoxo from Missouri

  16. Alysha @Shesontherun

    You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  17. Beautiful bump!!! That picture with the sign is too cute!

  18. You look great! The bump is adorable, this must be so exciting for you!

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