Labor & Delivery Surprises

Labor & Delivery Surprises

  • That my body is truly capable of accomplishing something amazing- —-giving birth
  • That labor and delivery can go well— really well!
  • How amazing, supportive, and encouraging the doctor and staff would be
  • How quickly it can turn from uncomfortable to an all consuming contraction
  • How wonderfully my husband would handle the situation & how his support was just what I needed
  • How much my body would shake uncontrolably
  • That my sister wouldn’t make it in time to coach me though and tell me that I could do this. She would have to sit in the waiting room for a few hours instead
  • That I could feel right before a major contraction was going to start
  • How much it would hurt when my water broke (I think that was probably just the pain from the contraction that broke it)
  • How slow I would need to (and couldn’t)  breathe….. In through the nose- out through the mouth.
  • How often I would need to be reminded  “long slow breaths, Julie.”
  • How I wouldn’t/couldn’t care who would enter the room while completely exposed- especially being an UBER self concious woman!
  • That I would NEED an episomity
  • That I would be okay with getting an episemotity
  • That I wouldn’t scream or yell …….( If I’m being honest—I did yell “owww” once, when my water broke) However, I do remember looking at my husband with pitifull eyes saying “I really want to scream right now….  It hurts.”
  • That pushing would be relieving.
  • How long I would push without ‘feeling’ like I was progressing.
  • That while pushing, my world would completely zone out and all I could hear was the amazing nurse counting for me and all I could see was a tunnel of darkness.  Those moments were when the doctor would say “yes, that’s the kind of push we are looking for….” When my body was doing one of the most natural things it could do- I was not in control—my body took over and did exactly what it was supposed to do.
  • That the minute in between contractions while pushing would feel so surreal.
  • That I would need oxygen while pushing to help my baby.
  • That there was a medication shortage- leaving me only two options for pain control.
  • That I would cave and THINK I needed an epidural
  • That I ended up giving birth without so much as a Tylenol….. zero medication.
  • That after all was said and done——- I got the delivery that I truly wanted. Unmedicated  &  natural.
  • That my son looking into my eyes for the first time would be a moment where time stood still.


Jackson's birth

One of the first pictures of our blessing! What a moment!


33 responses to “Labor & Delivery Surprises

  1. Love the picture of you holding your baby! Beautiful!! Im so happy that you had the birth experience that you wanted! Such a sweet blessing.
    Congrats again Julie!

  2. Ahh…I love this! I would love to have a natural birth someday, but even after reading this, it terrifies me!

  3. OH my gosh, Sounds like quite the experience!! I’m so happy it went smoothly for you and you had the delivery you wanted. That is truly an accomplishment to get through with no meds, I’m personally not a fan of meds either but birth could be a deal breaker for me when the time comes! So happy for you, your husband, and little Jackson

  4. Oh such a beautiful picture Julie! I’m so happy you had the birthing experience you wanted! And great to hear that your body took over and you were able to trust what it was doing. I think so many of us let the fear roll in and don’t trust our bodies (not just in birth). You rock it mama!

  5. Oh congratulations! I’m so so glad that your delivery went so well! I hope you are enjoying your time with your new little man and hopefully getting (some) sleep. 🙂

  6. This is an amazing birth story girl!! Congrats!

  7. ittybitsofbalance

    EE!! This post brought a HUGE smile to my face! Congratulations, Julie!!!!

  8. So awesome!!! I love reading encouraging posts about childbirth!!!! I’m so scared of it!! Lol. Someday!

  9. I have tears in my eyes reading this. There is nothing like giving birth. I could relate to so much of this….the uncontrollable shaking, a push being a relief, letting your body take over, time standing still…

    It’s amazing. I love this post. 🙂

    • Thank you! …..I am so happy that I got the birth experience I truly wanted…… I’m glad that He was in control and gave me our wonderful baby boy!
      But, that shaking business is no joke! My muscles hurt for a days after simply because of all the shaking- they were pooped out from that!

  10. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)

    What a champ you are! It’s so inspiring to read about women who gave birth naturally without pain medication. Also, you’re wearing earrings! Way to look awesome during labor! I love your notes. They seem so real and honest.

    p.s. your son is adorable. 🙂

  11. UM>>>AMAZING SUPER WOMAN! You are so amazing girl… unmedicated? u are awesome.

  12. Having done this myself just 6 days ago, I found myself shaking my head yes for so many of these. Congratulations on your sweet boy!

    • I simply LOVED reading your birth story! Every single word! ….Still working on mine- it’s so wordy. Also, I’m finding that the most exciting parts of the story are so fuzzy for me! They are just such a blurr!
      Congrats to you on your adorable baby too! He’s a keeper 🙂

  13. i read through the comments and you said you are scared to do it again. I totally wouldnt be! It was so much easier the second time because I KNEW i didnt need medication so it never even crossed my mind. I asked for it the first time but it was too late and the baby was on her way out so i didnt get as much as tylenol either! Its definitely an empowering feeling!

    • It was totally empowering! I am *so* glad it happened the way it did. However, my head will always know the pain- even though my heart has already forgotten. Totally forgotten! ….. I’m just so scared that it won’t go as smoothly as this one did. But, knowing I am capable may be just the strength I need 🙂

  14. Love the photo of you guys together. So sweet…’ congrats!

  15. No idea if my comment went through. Anyway, congrats!!! Love the pic of you holding you baby Jackson!

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