Jackson’s Birth Story

This post is wordy. I make no apologies. I’m writing  Jackson’s birth story for me.  I want to remember how our son came into the world, each little and big detail. So, if you are curious how we came to meet our blessing, read on.

August 22! Baby’s DUE DATE!

August 22, 2012. The due date came and went. No baby. With the due date came the first day of school. I co-taught all day and kept a normal school schedule while getting reacquainted and meeting my 4th graders. I was supposed to be meeting my baby today but no baby. I was okay with that. I wanted him to come when he was good and ready- not a moment sooner. EVERYONE at school would ask me “What on Earth are you doing here?!” “Go home and put your feet up!” My response always was, “Ummmm, no baby yet. I’m continuing to teach till I go into labor!” I know they were just worried and trying to be kind. But, I don’t have sick days to take just for fun waiting on our blessing; plus he could go two weeks over his due date.   I would just truck on till he decided he would greet the world! I still didn’t believe or feel that our baby’s birth day was getting any closer.

Julie Maternity 49'ers black and white

40 weeks exactly!

Sidenote: We also had maternity pictures on the due date. Yep. Don’t be the crazy woman that takes pictures 40 weeks pregnant. Not a good idea. You’re much cuter at 33-35’ish weeks.

I went to bed on August 22nd and woke up a few times in the night. I didn’t know exactly why I awoken. I didn’t feel the urge to use the restroom and I seemed to have awoken for no apparent reason. I think I may have been having some smaller contractions that awoke me from my deep sleep. Believe it or not, I have a rather high pain tollerence so I wasn’t so sure what was going on. I continued on to bed anyway not thinking too much of it.

August 23, 2012

I woke up the next morning and finally felt like Jackson’s birth day could be any time now. I felt a little different in my heart, my head, and my body. I can’t place my finger on it but I did tell the husband, who is also a teacher, that he may want to have some sub plans ready- just incase. I had never said anything like that before. We hugged and parted ways. On the way to school, I called my sister, also a teacher, and told her that I finally believed that they baby could come any time now. I actually believed that I’d have a baby in my arms by the next Monday. I just knew that he’d be born before Monday, five days away. I felt like greeting him was on the brink and I wanted my sister to have lesson plans ready too. She cried tears of joy as I told her I felt I’d be greeting our baby soon. It was sweet.

While at school EVERYONE AGAIN asked what I was doing at school, my due date was yesterday. I told them all “I’ll continue to teach till I go into labor. But, I do finally believe that this baby is coming sooner rather than later.” {I kind of wonder if I went into labor just so people would stop asking what I was doing at school 😉 } I thought I may have been having small contractions and asked my sister the difference between Braxton Hicks and contractions. She suggested I time them to see if they were semi regular. So, at 10:00 am, I started timing my contractions on my iPhone. They were coming every 10’ish – 5’ish  minutes…

My doctor & I had discussed in detail when to come in due to my hour twenty’ish drive to the hospital— with NO hospital on the way! I was to call and head in when the contractions were enough that I couldn’t talk through- the kind that take your breath away. The contractions I was having were in no way taking my breath away. However, they were making me close my eyes, take a deep breath, and make a few funny faces. One student that I taught for going on three years was truly concerned, she could tell something was up. I assured her that I just wasn’t feeling well but would be A-Okay!

Calling the doctor!

I was NOT going to the doctor, I was fine. I could talk, move, and carry on pretty normally. My substitute nagged (in a loving way) me enough to at least call the doctor. So, I called the doctor at 1:00 after their lunch to see what they had to say. They took down the stats and said they would call back. At about 1:40 I  got a call from the staff of the doctor that was on call- which was NOT my doctor. Nuts. My doctor was not on call, which means that he would not be delivering my baby  if he was born today.  The hospital said I should come in….. “Whaaaat?!? Are you serious?!” was my reaction. I told them I was fine and would like to wait till after football practice to head to the doctor. It would be done by 7:00 and then the husband and I could come up to get checked out. The hospital insisted that I come in to get checked out and be monitored…… But that wasn’t the plan with my regular doctor. I was a little frusterated. They insisted that I come in and get monitored. I asked, “Like is this the kind of monitored where I need to bother my husband at work and make him take me up there?!” “YES, DEAR! Bring your husband. This could be real labor!” ….They didn’t take too kindly to my stubborn nature and my lack of urgency for the situation.  I wasn’t trying to be a hero but I didn’t want to drive three hours for fun, take off of work, make the husband miss school & football practice. I didn’t want them to say it was false labor and send me on my way. This had better be the real deal. I’m no wimp!

Bothering the daddy at work.

I picked up my phone and made THE long awaited phone call to my husband. The phone call he had been ready for for weeks. I called the husband and told him that I had been feeling contractions since early morning and they were wanting me to come to the doctor and get checked out. We left school for our home at about 2:00.  On the drive home, I called my mom and told her the hospital said we should come in and that I would get checked out. She started to get really giddy but I informed her not to get too excited quite yet.  The husband and I got home, packed up our stuff in the car, and headed for the hospital. Clothes, electronics, essentilas like make-up, and a car seat! It was so surreal but kind of nerve wracking because I didn’t like throwing a kink into the husband’s schedule if this wasn’t the real thing! (silly, I know. But, that’s just me….)

husband + Julie 49ers maternity against wall looking at each other

About 24 hours later, we were parents!

On the way to the hospital I was so worried that the whole thing would be a fluke and I would be told to go home (feeling like a complete wimp or failure). I am such a rebel, I ate a piece of string cheese, and some dates on the way to the hospital. I knew that I’d not be able to eat while I was there and I didn’t want to be grumpy simply because I was starved. My contractions were pretty irregular but coming for sure every 2-10 minutes apart. Wide spread, I know. But those ones at 10 minutes were getting stronger and longer. I was still okay though. I could still tough it out!

Is this real? We’re at the hospital!

We arrived to the hospital about 3:30’ish and I got put into outpatient to be monitored. I got to put on the lovely gown ‘open in the back’ and hopped into the bed to be monitored. I was checked and monitored for an hour. Sure enough, I was having pretty good contractions- but they weren’t SUPER regular. They were coming every 2-6 minutes. The nurse checked me and found me to be dialated to 3 cm- which is exactly what I was at my last doctor’s appointment. While checking me, she had a very hard time finding the baby’s head (or rump). He had completely setteld much higher when I laid down. I know she didn’t want to freak me out but she wasn’t sure he was head down.

While she was checking me she had to really dig to find baby’s head (or what she thought was a head) and stretched some things out. That wasn’t a bad thing- but wow it didn’t feel good, at all. We had the sweetest nurse ever when we checked in… She offered to get me ice chips because I wouldn’t be aloud to eat while in the hospital. I proceeded to inform her that ‘we couldn’t be friends’. Seriously joking- she was the sweetest. Then she asked the laundry list of questions. She asked “Have you ever done drugs, smoked, or consumed alcohol?” Ummmmmm, I was a little perplexed,—– “I’ve drank before, I’m kind of a big fan of wine. But, I haven’t drank while I’ve been pregnant…. Is that what you’re wanting to know?” She smiled and then we started  the wine talk. She wanted to know what kind was my favorite, I told her ‘gewurztraminer’ and that I also liked anything that wasn’t too oak ridden with vibrant tannins. She had never heard of it and asked me how to spell it so I spent a couple of contractions googling on my iPhone how on earth to spell “gewurztraminer” while chatting about running, food, and wine.  She was my kind of nurse!!

Not the mamma’s doctor. And, up or down.

The doctor on call {{one that I had purposely said I didn’t want because I had taught his son. I thought it would be weird for me to look down and see a Jack look alike down there, father and son look VERY much alike}} said that he wanted to keep monitoring me for another hour or so to see if the contractions became any more regular. From 4:30-5:30 I was monitored and could feel the contractions getting stronger. I was constantly being asked on a scale of 1-10 what my pain level was. I ALWAYS said a 3-4 up to this point. It hurt pretty bad but I knew the pain could get a lot worse- a whole lot worse so I was not going to wimp out and say 6 or 7! Not this stubborn girl! My contractions were starting to get regular every 4’ish minutes lasting for a minute and I was dialted to a 4. Still getting checked to see if the baby was head down, which he had been every.single.time. during the last weeks of pregnancy. I started to cry because the nurse feared that he had flipped since my last appointment (48 hours earlier). They ordered a sonogram to check to see if they were going to have to prep me for a c-section….. I started to cry inside, with some of it seeping out on the outside. I called my sister to let her know what was going on- she could hear the pain in my voice. I wasn’t mentally prepared for a c-section and I felt heart broken if it was going to come down to that.

It’s down! ….and that’s an up!

About 4:30 or 5:00 the doctor came in {the Jack look alike} and felt to see if he thought it was head or rump. He couldn’t tell either and then checked with a super grainy sonogram for a few minutes- baby was indeed HEAD DOWN! Hooray! I felt my heart jump up and down and relief just washed over me! The doctor said that he didn’t really want to admit me but didn’t want me to go home either due to me being dilated to a solid 4- 4.5  and pretty STRONG contractions- but they weren’t super regular yet. On for another hour of monitoring with the night starting to close in…… So, my options were to go to a hotel for the night (where I could eat as I wished!) or to stay in the hospital and be administered a drug that would encourage labor if it was true labor and do nothing if it was false labor. My doctor preferred that I stay in the hospital but the super sweet nurse pulled the doctors leg a little and told him that he should put me on a  restricted diet to sweeten the ‘stay in the hospital’ side. See? She was the sweetest!

Our active little blessing! Baby H

Our active little blessing!

Half way to 10.

From 5:00-6:00 was the last out patient monitoring that went on.  The nurses were switching shifts and I had to say goodbye to our beloved nurse (the husband and I were pretty fond of her!)

About 5:30 things started to get pretty intense and the option of leaving the hospital was gone. The baby was coming!!!! 🙂 I was dialted to a 5 and couldn’t believe that I was half way there! I knew that it could still be hours away before I would be able to meet our baby. I was ready for one long drawn out labor. I reluctantly told my family that it would be okay if they wanted to make the hour and a half trip the hospital. I just didn’t want them waiting for hours and hours in the waiting room (which didn’t exist because of construction) BUT my sister was going to hold my hand and tell me that I could do this whole birth thing. She was going to be my positive force because not I or my husband knew how he would handle the situation or seeing me in so much pain.

Getting stronger…..and stronger….and stronger.

My husband and I walked the halls, which weren’t long enough! I wanted to walk, not take a stroll around a super small circle. So, back to the room we went and I got on the birthing ball. I now have a love hate relationship with the birthing ball. My super sweet nurse encouraged super large hip rolls to help our baby move a little further into the birth canal. Holy heavens did things start to pick up at this point! My contractions were reallllllly hurting, yet I don’t think the husband or nurse knew until they looked at the charts. I was still trying to breathe and smile as much as I could….. concentrating on large hip rolls and breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. I was starting to feel really weak and wasn’t sure that I could keep myself on the ball by holding on to the bed- and I wasn’t about to ask for help…..so I got back in bed and laid on my side to breathe through the contractions.

The breaking point.

While laying on my side and breathing I distinctly remember wanting to go somewhere else, anywhere but here. I wanted to tag out and have someone else take over! ……. I was starting to feel weak in the mind and body. At that point, I was having a super hard time breathing slowly which lead to my arms going kind of numb (because it is like hyperventilating). Then about 6:30’ish…. My water broke! It must have broken due to the super hard contraction I was having. I “yelled” (like when you touch something hot)  “Owwwwwwwww!” and clung to the side of the bed in pain. Seriously, my water breaking was the most intense pain I’d felt in my life up to that point. For me, it was NO relief  like some women talk about, only encompassing pain. TMI– I could feel things coming out of me and it was weird and it hurt. Gah did it hurt. My husband pushed the nurse button and told her my water had broken. I expeced the nurse to rush in and see how I was doing—but she didn’t show up for another 20’ish minutes.  Apparently she didn’t understand what I had said on the call button so she didn’t come. Ugh- if you can’t understand a paintient that is in pain, don’t you think you should check on them? Oh well- things got intense fast.

At this time, things get pretty fuzzy and blurr all together. I got checked again and was at a 6 with our son moving down into the correct position. I was feeling okay but could feel myself starting to cave and wondering if medication would be such a bad thing.  My best friend just gave birth about a month ago and had a great experience…. However, I didn’t want medication because I was scared of tearing- I had been told that if you can’t feel while pushing you’re more apt to tear. I was scared…. I’m just going to say it- scared shitless to tear! OUCH! And, I was even **more scared** of an episiotomy!!! …… But, I was tired and could NOT slow my breathing down enough to stop the numbing sensation in all of my extremities (which was kind of painful) and my entire body was shaking uncontrollably. Seriously, body shaking uncontrollably.  I was told just to go with the flow and let my body shake- not to fight it. I thought I was doing a good job of just letting my body do what it wanted to do but my husband informs me that I was fighting it— I don’t believe him! 😉

Contractions…. not my chart. We bommed on taking pictures in labor/delivery.

Lucky number 7?

By 7:00 pm I was at 7 cm and feeling unsure of my ability to go unmedicated. If I was going to be in labor for another 12 hours- I wasn’t sure that I could do it. Some women stall out at 7 or 8 cm and I was scared that my body couldn’t endure this for 12 hours. I told them that I wanted an epidural- not really because of the pain (but oh heavens was it INTENSE!) but because my body was sooo tired from the shaking and breathing. I told them I wanted the epidural.

They ‘ordered’ the epidural while at 7-7.5 cm and I spent the next hour dealing with incredible contractions with them trying to stick me with every needle known to man. It is so hard to be messed with while going through a contraction- I was constantly being poked while contracting. Not cool…. I have really unfavorable veins for needles (even though I don’t mind being stuck all that much- that is what infertility will do to ya!) I had the hardest time listening to the people that were coming in and out trying to stick me and get the IV in— I wanted to listen, really I did, but my contractions were every 1-2 minutes lasting for a minute and I was shaking like a leaf. Breathing was the only thing I could concentrate on. I think I was stuck about 15-20 times (no joke) since being checked in and I don’t remember the majority of them. (you should have seen my arms after labor & delivery. holes.everywhere.) All I remember is apologizing for all the shaking that I couldn’t control and trying to relax the arm that they were currently working on. They had no luck pumping the IV into me and I knew that things were progressing too fast for me to get the epidural. I was going to get the labor I had truly wished for.

Breathe. Just Breathe.

From 7:00 -9:00 I know nothing. I could do nothing other than breathe and concentrate. I know that I was checked several times, felt a lot of pressure and hit 7 cm, 9 cm, and finally 10 cm. My husband nor myself remember me being checked at 8 cm.

I remember the nurses still messing with me trying for the epidural at 9 cm when all I wanted to do was be left alone- however I din’t have the ability to communicate that at all. I was so relieved to hit 9 cm! That meant that the baby would be coming soon- the end was in sight and I wouldn’t likely ‘stall out’- it was going to happen tonight! I’d have a baby in my arms before midnight!!!

Is the doctor in?

The nurses were all abuzz trying to get things ready and breaking down my bed. I remeber the nurses coming in and asking if the doctor had been called to come in (this was at about 8:30…) They said they had called him and he was on his way. One nurse said- “Well, we need to call him again to make sure he is literally on his way. Like, on the road. She’s almost ready to push.” Right after they called the doctor, who was indeed on his way across town, they told me I was at 10 cm but couldn’t push. Bummer. I had to wait- which is really hard to do when your entire body is telling you that you need to push and have an unbelievable amount of pressure needing to be relieved – paired with super intense contractions!

At about 8:45 my doctor arrived in his normal clothes and took a look and told me that it would be okay to start pushing. He pulled up a chair and got in position to push. He gave me a pep talk while I was breathing and told me that the nurses had “bragged endlessley about how awesome I was doing”  and “you’re being super wonman is all I’ve heard.”  They sure knew how to make a laboring woman feel speicial and empowered! He gave me directions and I remember that my doctor and I talked about the women who have problems in labor simply don’t push though the pain. He told me at my last appointment that I didn’t seem like the woman would would back off- and that was a good thing.

Heart and bellybutton

Can’t believe that this was 24 hours’ish earlier!

Show ’em what you’re made of.

A little before 9:00, two amazing nurses helped me pull my legs back, helped me sit forward, put my chin down, and started counting to ten as I pushed with all my might. My contractions were coming every minute – 90 seconds and lasting for about a 90 seconds. I would be able to push at least twice during a contraction and rest for a minute in between. I seriously can’t describe how amazing the nurses and doctor were! They were constantly giving me words of encouragement and telling me how great I was doing. I remeber my mind being fully active and normal while the rest of my body was completely occupied with laboring. That was the oddest feeling ever. My mind was not part of my body. I was feeling bad because I knew people were coming in and out of the delivery room yet my body wasn’t able to let me be kind, say hello, and be hospitable to the people entering the room. It was odd that even in the middle of the most intense pain of my life, my mind still was saying “Be kind, Julie. Say hello and be kind to the people entering the room.” I was shocked that I didn’t care who came into the room- all modisty was completely thrown out the window- and I couldn’t open my eyes long enough to even aknoledge what was going on around me. I also felt incredibly bad that I couldn’t even acknolege my husband during this time. He was being simply amazing and supportive. I was so thankful for his encouraging words and him stroking my hair telling me how proud of me he was. I needed every word he said and I could hardly open my eyes to look at him or tell him how awesome he was being for me.


About 15 minutes into the pushing, my baby was starting to go in distress. I was heart broken and worried– but my mind was completely focused on getting him out. They strapped on an oxygen mask to help increase my oxygen levels, therefore helping our baby’s oxygen levels. It was kind of surreal to be pushing with the mask on- not exactly what I had pictured when I saw the birth of our son in my head.

This whole time I was planning on my sister being there but she simply didn’t make it in time- when she arrived, I was already in the heat of things. My husband totally stepped up and was a complete rock for me. That alone was an amazing experience! ….I remember knowing that I had been pushing for about 25-30 minutes when the doctor said “we’re starting to get somewhere” ….At that time, I did muster enough energy to open my eyes, look at him pittifully and say “what?! starting?!”…. How much longer was this going to last was exactly what my eyes were saying?! He told me I was doing great.

I continued to push and work with my contractions. The pain and pressure felt like I was doing the hardest work of my life. The whole experience was so encompassing yet my mind would track off, I don’t know if this is a body’s defense mechanism. Body was 100% involved yet my mind was so clearly ‘me’ and could still take in outside thoughts (mainly about what I was hearing going on around me).

Warning- this is a little TMI! Yep it’s vivid but it’s part of his birth story. Skip the next paragraph if you’d like 🙂 …. Because our little boy was in distress one nurse was pretty much devoted to watching his & my vitals. All the while, the doctor was putting me through agonizing pain in between my contractions. He had to physically stimulate baby’s head to keep him focused and not let him become compliant with where he was at in the birth canal leading to truly bad things for baby and for mommy…. In between each and every contraction the doctor put his hands where they shouldn’t go and rub on baby’s head (even before he had crowned… it hurt. a lot.) Once our little one came a little further in the birth canal- the pain of the doctor having to rub on his head subsided a little because he didn’t have to reach his hand as far into the canal. Baby was getting close and I could tell.

After about 40 minutes of pushing I began to feel a very localized pain ummmmm- up front. I could tell in my mind that I was about to tear- it was very painful and I began to get scared. Through my closed eyes and pushing, I heard the sound of the wheels on the doctors chair and knew he was getting scissors or whatever he needed to cut me. Ugh- I didn’t want an episimoty. I heard him say “Okay, Julie. You’re starting to tear going up. I’m going to do an episimoty.” Before he could ask me if that was okay I was shaking my head “YES” and knew for sure that it was the right thing for me. This entire pregnancy I was DEAD SET against an episimoty and I ended up being completely okay with him cutting me. I could tell, 100% for sure that I was starting to tear in a direction that is less than ideal. Once he cut me, the pressure did shift a little lower. He tried his best to follow my wishes and not have to be cut but it was necessary—– for me and for our little one.

It’s a BOY!

After pushing for about 5 more minutes our baby came into the world at 9:43 pm. The doctor immedietly said “It’s a BOY! What is his name?” “Joel is a good name!” (the name of the doctor) They placed him on my chest immedietly and started to rub on him to get him to cry. My husband and I looked at each other, it was the moment of truth. What were we going to name our son? Truly a scary moment….. We both looked at eachother, smiled, and said “Jackson.” We both were shocked that the moment had finally arrived, our son was here and his name was Jackson. I remember feeling very frusterated at the following moments because I couldn’t really see him. I wanted to SEE him. Yes, he was on my stomach/chest but my body was 100% shot and I simply couldn’t sit up well enough to see him.

Jackson's first picture!

Jackson’s first picture

They let him hang out with us for about 15 minutes while we got to look into our son’s eyes and cuddle with him. I know the nursing staff thought this was way too long because he hadn’t cried in a manner that they thought was acceptable. Our son is honestly pretty ‘chill’ and doesn’t get REALLY worked up about much.  While he was on my stomach, the nurses were continually rubbing on him and messing with him.

They may have let him hang out with mama for longer than they liked because the doctor spent a great deal of time trying to fix things down south. That hurt too. I also had to push out the placenta during this time- he told me to give an 80% push and after that-it was out.

A nurse later told me that once the baby had crowned, he kept giving our little one a mowhawk. Great. I’m glad the doctor had something to do while I was pushing and trying to give birth to our baby. Ha! (sarcasm) I only have this sarcasm because he played with my son’s hair for about 25 minutes… while I was pushing.

After an hour or so, once I had attempted our first feeding session (I was GOING to feed him in that ‘magic hour’ if it was the last thing I did!) the husband went into the waiting room to get my mom and sister. They had been waiting there since 8:00 with no news- poor family. They had been worried sick and hadn’t been given an update since labor started to pick up. The husband was so sweet and told them how amazing I had done through labor and that it was infact, A BOY…… They could come and meet Jackson, our blessing. 🙂

mom & jackson after labor & delivery.

Welcome to the world our blessing! Welcome to the world!

Thank you all for the prayers, love, & support while we were waiting on our blessing! I’m so unbelievably blessed!


28 responses to “Jackson’s Birth Story

  1. What an incredible, challenging, and I’m sure, awesome experience. You sound like you (and your hubby) were so brave!

  2. what a sweet story! I think it is so awesome you have pictures of you and your husband 24hours before Jackson came into the world! That is so cool! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bit of Balance

    Wow Julie– I read every last word of Jackson’s birth story and it truly sounds like you were QUITE the superwoman, just like that doctor said! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and intimate moment with us. Jackson is quite the little blessing, and I wish only the best for your new little family ❤

  4. So cute! Congrats!! ❤

  5. That’s quite a story Julie!

    Jackson is adroable! So happy for you!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      Thank you, Erica! I just wanted to remember every little thing—– I’m already forgetting quickly!

  6. I almost cried reading this :). I’m so happy for, and proud of, you! I’m not going to lie, I am not a little scared to have babies of my own someday (hearing birth stories always makes me a little nervous!), but I guess if you can do it without drugs, I can too! Thank you for sharing your story!

  7. Way to go!!! My official due date is tomorrow! You gave me some extra oomph to stay strong!! I appreciate all the details!!!!!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      I hope your little one came without any complications and that you have your blessing in your arms!

  8. Aww Julie he is just so previous. Jackson means “gift from God,” right? Thank you for sharing your birth story! I didn’t want to go into the hospital when they told me I needed to either! Enjoy the rest of your time off with your little man!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      You’re right! It depends where you look but I fell deeply in love with the name when it meant ‘Gift from God’!
      LOVED the pictures of your little angel! Hope you are doing awesome! (I’m always wondering how you’re doing 🙂 totally wish I had a new mom that lived closer!)
      I only have a couple more weeks at home. bummer. I’m counting on winning the lottery so I don’t have to go back to work 😉

  9. I loved every word of this story. You did amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your birth story. You will definitely be glad you wrote down all the details. 🙂

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      I thought it was REALLY confusing for others- but I did it for me because I’m already forgetting some of the details! (can’t believe how quickly some of it has faded.) I’m already glad that I wrote it down, you are exactly right! 🙂

  10. Your birth story has to be one of the most honest that I’ve ever read. And probably the first to really get me excited about the actual birth. I am so thrilled for you and your husband and Jackson. Congratulations!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      Aw! Thank you! …..The actual birth was a wonderful thing- especially now that I’ve had a few weeks to let it sink in fully 🙂 All I see is rainbows and butterflies from it now.

  11. Oh my gosh, what a story!! It all sounds exciting and scary at the same time!! Congratulations on your perfect baby boy!!

  12. Oh my goodness, girl! What a beautiful birth story, thank you so much for sharing! God truly provided you with SO much strength, and Jackson is a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to you and your hubby, hope you are enjoying mommy-hood!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      I am abundantly blessed and so thankful! I can now look back on it and smile at the entire experience. Mommy-hood is pretty darn wonderful! Full of smiles (just a tad less sleep)

  13. Loved reading this! Especially all the details because they reminded me so much of my own birth story… The “me” mind, the pick up around 6cm, the pushing, the missing hours. So glad everything went well for you both!

    • Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

      I loved reading your birth story, Kath! You did a much better job taking pictures during the experience and I just loved how you put the whole story together! You’ll have to let Maze read it when he’s older so that he can fully appreciate what his mamma did for him 🙂

  14. thehinzadventures

    Wow. So sorry that I’m just now getting to this but wow. You are so amazing! You sound like you handled it all with grace, strength and awesomeness girl! You are going to be the most amazing mother Julie.

    xoxo from Trinidad

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