Gone missing….

Okay, so I am totally sorry for dropping off the face of the planet. You all deserve an update in many areas of this girls life so I’ll jump in and say “life if good”.

Life is good

I have no excuses for my absence, a lot in my life has shifted and I’m just going with the flow. I’m trying to to not feel guilty about where I’m spending my time though.  I spend my days 100% focused on the tasks at hand so that I can enjoy a few minutes a day just enjoying my son. I RARELY open my computer; no worries though, I still blog read (I’ve been keeping up with all of you!) and catch up with my blogfriends, it just happens to be at 12:00 am, , 2:00 am, 3:50 am, and 5:30 am via iPhone while nursing the little one.

I went back to work on Novmeber 1st and—– golly am a pooped out by 6:00 pm! I struggle to stay awake till 8:45 every night. It’s like being pregnant all over again! It is truly hard being a full time mom, wife, and teacher. As well as sister, daughter, and trying to be a good friend is MEGA tough too. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m not the first mama to do this and I’m not complaining about it. It is just new to me.  I’m feeling pulled in quite a few directions- any working mommies out there with tips or advice? I’m all ears!! 🙂

Within the next few posts, I’ll be filling you in on;  going back to work and how something COMPLETELY unexpected happened, our breastfeeding journey, what’s going on with my son, post-baby body, and sharing a few delicious recipes (one for lactation ‘cookies’ that have been my saving grace!).  Thank you all for sticking around and checking in to see if all is well in the Spinach and Sprinkles household. I’m glad to report that we are….. BLESSED! 🙂

Love my little man!

Love my little man!

Again, thank you for dropping by to see how things are going and for your continued support and love. I hope each of you are doing great and feeling very blessed as the season of love is upon us!


11 responses to “Gone missing….

  1. aw so good to here everythings going well, hes got so big already!

  2. oh my goodness, that little face is adorable! I wish you had a shorter commute to free up some of your time for that little man of yours! I have no advice, but good luck m’dear. You’re doing amazing!

  3. He’s so big! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well!

  4. Glad to hear you’re doing well Julie! Jackson is so cute!

  5. So good to hear you and your little one are doing well! The picture of the two of you is too cute!

  6. Aw so great to hear from you! Sounds like you have certainly had your hands full and I can’t believe you are already back at work! Can’t wait to hear more about what’s been going on and see more pics of your adorable son!

  7. Oh my goodness he is so adorable! So good to hear you two are doing great! Hopefully it’ll get easier and less stressful for you soon! 🙂 You’re doing great though, it’ll just take time to adjust!

  8. oh my goodness, you and Jackson are beyond adorable!!!!!

  9. OMG he already looks so big!! Where does the time go?!? So glad to hear all is well & I will be sending calm and patient vibes your way…honestly cannot even imagine being a working mom (…or a mom, ha), and basically everything you do impresses me!

  10. Corey @ Learning Patience

    oH MY – HE IS SO INSANELY ADORABLE GIRLIE! I missed you… So much has been going on…I had surgery on Tuesday…in Houston on my ft…that inury from May…I have like 10 pieces of metal in my rt foot now…crazy eh? I hope you are having wonderful holiday (well, almost) and take lots of cute baby’s 1st Christmas photos..k? 🙂

    xoxo from a couch in Houston…in pain

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