Pain & Prayers

Right after the new year, our community lost the life of a three year old little boy in a tragic accident. The pain is running deep for everyone…..

Yet, many of those in pain haven’t even touched the depths that pain can really run. My heart is absolutly broken for his mommy, daddy, and three beautiful sisters.

When I read of the news my heart sank. The news was illusive and gave no specifics. The news simply stated that the accident had claimed the life of a three year old boy……. I almost wept to my husband as I read the words, let my heart fill in the blanks  to what the news  was saying. I shuddered as I realized, “Oh my God, it’s _____.  He went to be with Jesus.” “Oh my God, it’s _____,”

{I left his name blank because it is not my place. It’s just not my place.}

I spent countless hours playing with this sweet boy at football games. He was my first friend in my new town….. The husband is the football coach and I was new to town. I knew no one. I had no friends. I was an outsider.  Sweet _____ welcomed me with open arms and a superhero to fly around!

This one was his favorite.

He always played with me and innocently handed over his superheros for me to play with {I could see in his eyes that it was *so* hard for him to share}. We would soar Captain America around the football stadium and kick it with The Ninja Turtles! The fact that this three year old would share his toys was way beyond me- I could tell that inside he wanted to keep them to himself but always found it in his heart to share with me so that we could both have fun. His parents are simply AMAZING parents. I cannot state this enough. They brought four children into this world and each child is sweet and kind and wonderful and amazing. They have raised GREAT kids! …..Unfortunatly, I fear that the nature of this accident may cause one of his parents to question everything in their life. This kills me.

I have not shared here on the blog, but I have lost a sister. She was killed in a tragic accident when she was only six years old. My father placed the blame on himself for quite some time. I sat at the kitchen table and saw when a memory would cross my parents mind—- the pain that would emerge in their eyes was too deep for words. Although many times no tears would fall from their eyes, I could see the unbelievable pain inside. The pain that comes from the thoughts of what might have been…. This was my childhood. I have seen that kind of true and encompassing pain, deeper than most can even comprehend.

{{I am NOT complaining. My parents are the absolute strongest people I have ever met. ever. ever. Their strength to grow closer to God and continue on with His plan will amaze me forever- and this amazement and admoration grows every single day of my life. Every. Single. Day. }}

My sister's maid of honor bouquet for my wedding....  I will always miss my sister.

My sister’s maid of honor bouquet for my wedding…. I will always miss my sister.

I post this because it is VERY heavy on my heart. Not many know of this kind of pain. The pain of putting a child or a sibling to rest is more than many can imagine and beyond what anyone can comprehend…….. With a truly heavy heart, I know that the time has come when most peoples’ pain has subsided, leaving the family feeling completely alone. This true pain that they are left with has become a new way of life. The time comes when the world moves on and the family is left dealing with the depths of true pain.  That time has surely come for them. People seem to return to their normal lives and this family is still sifting through what has now become their new normal, without their adorable and beloved son.

I pray for them…… long after many have went on, this family will have to learn how to move on in their own way. I pray that they find their way.

My heart is broken for his family. The loss of a child is senceless. It will always seem senceless. It is not the way the world is supposed to work.

Hold on tightly to the ones you love.


9 responses to “Pain & Prayers

  1. I’m so sorry :(. My mom’s always said, it always seem so sad that life keeps going on even when you’ve lost someone and your heart is broken. It feels like time should just stop, like everyone should understand — but it doesn’t work like that.

  2. I’m so sorry, Julie. There is nothing like the pain of losing a child you love. So, so sorry.

  3. Prayers to your friends. It is never easy. You put this in a very real perspective. Thank you for this post.

  4. Thoughts and prayers go out to that family. What a horrible thing. And to you and your family, that you have suffered through that pain as well. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog and saw this post. Thanks for sharing.

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