If you are a teacher, the title of this post is only partly a pun. The other part is  a total clue to the change that is coming up in my life. Ever since 2009, I have taught a different grade of children. Yadda, yadda, yadda. You’re all my amazing readers, you’ve lived through me pulling my hair out over the ordeal….. SO, here is the BIG news!

I will be teaching 1st grade next year! Woop Woop!

But wait, isn’t that still different than what you’re teaching now? Isn’t that bad news?

…. Yes……… BUT, after that, I’ll continue to teach   1st grade. Hooray! I have a permanent position! My boss told me the good news via an evaluation. He was trying to distract me while I was reading the evaluation and told me it said the ‘same old, same old’ and mumbling while I was trying to read though the form. Then it happened, I saw the words “transfer to unwrapping common core for the 1st grade curriculum” …… Truth be told- I nearly peed myself. {only wish I were kidding}

1st grade....... here I come!

1st grade……. here I come!

I almost screamed and probably would have but I was rendered breathless; it was so surreal. I kept wondering if it were all just a cruel joke but my boss reassured me that it was school board approved, I’ll be teaching 1st grade next year——— and STAYING there!

“Oh my God!” I stammered as I bent over in the deepest disbelief.  Dear God, I’ve made it through this challenge and it is finally coming to a close! Praise His holy name!… For real!

Next year, I will be teaching phonics and the chunk “CH” instead of teaching slope-intercept and how to calculate a curve or how to diagram complex sentences and then turn them into complex sentence written in the opposite format as previously written. AND——- GET NEW KIDS!

Truth be told, I almost cry when I really think about giving up the students I’ve had for three years in a row. I get a massive lump in my throat when I think about someone else teaching them and spending their days with them….. but I know it is what is best for all of us.  I’m thankful for the experience and MAJOR challenge but am thankful that I get to move on.

God is good.


14 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Congrats!!! That’s so exciting! I’m sure prepping for a new grade level will be a lot less daunting now that you know you’ll be staying put!

  2. Julie, that is so exciting! First grade is always so much fun to teach and work with — I know you’ll love it! 😀

  3. Yay!!! I knew it! 🙂 Congrats, Julie. Enjoy your new position!!

  4. Congratulations! I work with first graders and they are a handful, but cuties!

  5. First graders are my favorite! Congrats! Love how they included “unwrapping Common Core.” It is now mystery, but seems to be difficult for a lot of teachers. I’m sure your experience will help out a lot.

  6. Yay!!! That is great news Julie! What a huge relief.
    I’m still waiting to hear what I’ll be teaching next year, it’s stressful!

  7. Congrats!! I love your blog!! It’s so fun!!

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