Here I sit. Coming back to the ol’ blog to write a post. A post I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time.


Nothing life changing. Don’t get too excited.

I am the kind of person that has a block in action when I have something on my mind. Things must go in sequence the way I imagine it in my mind or it flat out doesn’t get done. I hate the way my mind works sometimes. This is one of those times because I’ve had several posts I’ve been wanting to hammer out but this one was the one I wanted to get posted and for about a million and one reasons it just never happened. It’s happening now.

One year ago… this was me. 

32'ish weeks pregnant with the little guy.

32’ish weeks pregnant with the little guy.

Let me tell you….. since that picture a whole lot in my life has, um —— shifted. I about said changed but that would not be an accurate statement. It wouldn’t be an accurate statement at all. My life has just shifted. You must have noticed that it has affected the blog- a lot.

I quickly realized that my life is richly blessed and I have many priorities: God, my son, my husband, my family, my job and the children it affects, my health, and making sure my house doesn’t completely fall apart or become overtaken with dust bunnies. Those priorities are my foundation and I can’t seem to find the time to make many of them fit the way that they used to. This isn’t a bad thing- it is just different. Not the way they had been. Would I change this? HECK to the NO! I’m okay with the changes in my life—– in fact, I love them.

My handsome little man.. He owns my heart!

My handsome little man..
He owns my heart!

The way I spent my time has shifted. I’ve shifted….. sometimes I wish my hips and stomach would shift back to where they came from. No luck in that department.

The way I spend my time now shifted and 100% revolves around the question: “Will it matter tomorrow?” I find myself asking this numberous times a day and if it REALLY doesn’t matter- I let it go or I don’t do it.

During the school year, I try to stay 100% focused while at work so when it is time to go home- I go home. I have sat down at the computer at 9PM only to realize that me sleeping WOULD matter the next day, so I head to bed. I’ll open an e-mail to see what amazing new deal is on Zulily that I can’t live without only to delete it because it won’t matter the next day if I spent my time lusting after things I don’t truly need.

Time. There is nothing more precious than our time so I’m learning to spend it wisely. I just want to crawl around the floor with my son and make memories.

Does this mean I’m saying ADIOS to blogging- NO WAY! I just had to stop by and thank all of you for sticking around while things are shifting. 🙂 I appreciate all of you more than you’ll know and I’m excited to hopefully find some time to truly catch up with all of you! {{hugs!}}


These kind of moments. They will only happen once.


7 responses to “Shifting.

  1. Those pictures are absolutely adorable! Keep up the good work staying focused on what really matters!

  2. I love your approach!!!

    And Jackson is just the cutest! Can’t believe it has almost been a year!

  3. Blog when you WANT to blog and CAN blog! Those are always the best posts, ones that you truly want to write. Keep being a fabulous mommy and enjoy the summer with your boys who are so lucky to have you!! 🙂

  4. So adorable….glad you are happy girlie! Blog when you want and we’ll be here reading! 🙂 Being a mom is time consuming….enjoy it, you had quite the journey getting there!!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. Love the pictures! adorable As for blogging, we will be here when you have time to post! You had quite the journey to motherhood so just enjoy it now.
    Have a fabulous week girlie!!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. What a stunning picture of you & your son!!!! So worth taking the time. 🙂

  7. You are such an amazing women — thank you for being such an inspiration. Stay strong! You can do it! We’ll be here for you! 🙂

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