Hi, friends!

Long time no talk. I know.

Let me update you.


Bahahahaha! This is some hardcore truth people, hardcore truth. I haven’t slept through the night in well over a year. ……(to be honest, I think I have gotten two nights of 9’ish-5:45’ish, I have to add that if the husband reads. The sweet boy has slept through the night twice. I guess I’m supposed to survive on those two nights. 🙂 )……. I’ll survive. I just found this to be quite funny. Maybe I’ll do a sleep post sometime soon. Soon meaning before the son graduates from highschool. Ha!

We celebrated a 1 year birthday around here. Sock monkey themed.



We had chocolate covered frozen bananas, sock monkey themed homemade bunting, sock monkey decorations, and a whole lot of love. I’ll have to do a bunting post too! I’m obsessed. You should be too.

The boy is walking, smiling, singing, and saying a few words. It is amazing. I’m blessed. He is my world.

The update on me: I’m still teaching full time, no surprise. I am teaching 1st grade for the first time. I could spend the next 8 million words describing my experience in my new position; maybe in due time I guess. Some of what has happened is still too fresh for me to blog about; but to sum it up, this was not what I expected. My heart and soul have been stretched and stomped on— raised back up and clung to the hope in these children’s future.

I have spent the last few months struggling to keep my head above water in a way I never have before. My heart has been calling, almost crying (literally), out to God to help me through this year. Some of these kiddos are a challenge, and that is putting it mildly. I just want what is best for them and I’m trying desperately to give it to them.

I hope you all have been doing GREAT! Fall has officially set in and winter is on it’s heels here; it snowed all day Friday!…. but then I saw a snake on our way to the park today. (yuck! I’d rather have snow!)  Happy Weekend, Friends!

HOW ARE YOU?! ANY AMAZING WEEKEND PLANS?!    I swear, I still read your blogs, I just don’t comment on the ol’ iPhone, I’m too lazy! 🙂


6 responses to “Hi, friends!

  1. OMG – we MISSED U SOOOOO MUCH! Happy happy joy, joy!!!
    hope u didn’t think u were getting off too easy!!

    Xoxo from Trinidad

  2. It’s good to hear from you! I can’t believe your baby is a year already!!! Awwa!!! You have a lot on your plate with teaching too!! Thinking of you!

  3. Jackson is seriously the cutest little boy ever! Love the blonde hair and blue eyes–so cute!

    I’m sorry to hear the school year isn’t going so well. I know you were excited to be in one set place for a change. With every new school year I felt like things were getting worse and worse (in the public education system), so I just had to leave. Teaching was definitely NOT what I thought it would be. Hope things turn around soon–at least you can already check a few months off the calendar! 🙂

  4. Oh gosh I could write for days about CCSS and how much I want to cry! I’m so sorry 1st isn’t working out the way you’d hope. I wish you lived closer to work. I’m sure that would help it be more manageable. G goes to bed between 5 & 5:30, so poor Tim barely gets to see her on weeknights. It’s crazy, but bringing her bedtime to an earlier time got her sleeping through the night! That and I discovered going in to comfort her just stimulated her too much. After two nights of not going in, and bringing her bedtime back, she stopped waking. The past two weeks have been heaven.
    Hang in there mama! xoxo

  5. Super cute birthday pic of your adorable little boy! The sock monkey theme is such a good idea! Know that you have prayers being lifted up on your behalf from Texas. With God, we are always victorious, so know that even on those days that you feel absolutely defeated (my last year was full of those days), He has prepared a way and will give you the strength and the wisdom that you need! The joy of the Lord is our strength!

  6. I’m so glad you are doing well! You’re little kiddo has grown up so much! ❤

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