Honeymoon from H-E-double hockey sticks…

Even though this is titled the Honeymoon from you know where, I loved our honeymoon. It was great, mainly because I was with the husband. You have to read the whole story to understand….

Flashback: June 2009

The husband and I were married on June of 2009. After our wedding, we decided to go to Colorado to celebrate our marriage and go on a honeymoon. I was so excited to take a trip with him!

❤ Honeymoon ❤

….The last trip he took me on was to New York. We drove for about 40 hours straight from Kansas to New York. He worked on my new apartment to make it homey, gave me a kiss, and then he walked out the door and flew back to Kansas. I knew that I was staying and he would have to go but when he walked out the door, I cried.  I cried. A lot. With tears like that, I knew it was the forever kind of love. True story folks, true story….

Enough about the sap story… I wanted this trip to be a happy one, after all, it was our honeymoon! Love was in the air! Colorado is a beautiful place with a lot to do. We left on a Monday with no plans or deadline of coming back to reality. We were going to relax, enjoy each other, have fun, and when it felt like we were done with the honeymoon, we would just come home.

Our main focus was having fun.… And having fun we did!

Please, don't mind the crazy hair.... Curly hair does what it wants.... On a side note: Geeze I'm *STRONG*!

We arrived on Monday night; only enough time to eat supper, find our bed & breakfast, hit the hot tub,and then hit the hay!

Tuesday was action packed with: Pikes Peak, 7 falls, Cave of the Winds, and Garden of the Gods…. So beautiful!

Let's hope the husband doesn't decide to read today's post... Hi husband if you're reading this. Sorry, I couldn't leave you out of this post. *YOU* are the reason I loved our honeymoon. ♥

Wednesday: I woke up *wanting to die* (didn’t sleep much either). I tried to hide it and thought the feeling of pain throughout my body would pass. After all, I didn’t want my husband to think his wife was broke after 72 hours of marriage.  😦

I called my mommy (she is always referred to as mom!… unless I’m sick, she turns into mommy) and asked her what was wrong with me and why did my body HATE me with the passion of 100,000 burning suns!…. I didn’t want to scare my brand new husband so I sucked it up as best I could.

Then, we went to Cripple Creek, Colorado. It is a wonderful little mining town with little shops and some gambling.  My favorite part was going to the Molly Kathrine Mine and learning how they mine gold.

I found a rock with gold in it! ....and by 'found' I mean they gave it me.... and by 'me' I mean everyone who goes on the tour gets one. ...We're talking *minuscule* amount of gold here.

Going to the gold mine and riding a train through the  mountain is about all we did that day… My mom called about 100 times to tell me to go to the ER or find a doctor or something…. I informed her I was NOT going to the ER or the doctor. It would be fine. Plus, I was hundreds of miles away and she was not the boss of me. (Geeze, I’m not stubborn or anything or acting like I’m 8 all over again…)

It was not fine, I was peeing blood, like lots of blood…. I wish I had words to tell you how awful I felt, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that bad before, ever……I finally informed the husband about how bad I was feeling. (he probably knew all along, he reads me like a book!) We immediately packed our things and headed home. ENDING OUR HONEYMOON! Our honeymoon lasted about 38 hours. For real. 

Thursday: I called the doctor in the neighboring town. They were busy and could not see me. I crawled on to the couch and felt sorry for myself…. The husband calls the doctor and tells them they WILL see me, we came home from our honeymoon because his brand new wife was sick.  I love my husband.

I went to the doctor and found out that I had a bladder infection that had gotten so bad it was a kidney problem now. With some pain meds and time, I would be okay. It is just a true bummer that the infection that had taken over my body ruined our honeymoon….

So, without further adieu…….

We’re going on a honeymoon re-do!!

Question: Any guesses where we are going?

-OR- Have you ever gotten sick with TERRIBLE timing?


28 responses to “Honeymoon from H-E-double hockey sticks…

  1. Ughhh I went through the EXACT same thing… only not on my honeymoon! (Hopefully that doesn’t happen!!!) Right before I was about to return to college for my senior year I got so, so sick & it ended up being a horrible kidney infection! I didn’t have any symptoms of a bladder infection, so I guess I didn’t realize it was going “untreated” & it got totally out of control!

    Can’t wait to hear where the honeymoon re-do is going to take place!!! 🙂

  2. You guys totally deserve a re-do! Enjoy!

  3. Ohh man. What a story! I think a honeymoon part II is deserved!

    I got a yeast infection the day before my wedding. While everyone else was at the beach, I was sitting at a doc-in-the-box. It was so bad that it took until Tuesday (we got married on Saturday) for it to go away. It was a lovely few days!

  4. ittybitsofbalance

    I’m soo glad that I found your blog! I love love love it 🙂
    You and your husband are adorable together and I’m sorry that your honeymoon was such a flop…
    But at least you get a re-do! 😉

  5. Yay you guys totally deserve a re-do! Where are you headed?!

  6. So glad you are getting a re do! Blather infections are the absolute worst!! Ughh I am in pain just thinking about it..

    I think I might know where you are going..!

    My honeymoon took some rocky turns as well due to delayed flights, missed flights and missed trains… But we had a blast inspite of all the mishaps!

  7. I’ve definitely gotten sick right before (and even ON) a trip before. It’s the WORST!

    So exciting about your re-do honeymoon! I have no idea where you’ll be headed but can’t wait to find out!

  8. You so deserve a re-do honeymoon! That sounds miserable, I’m impressed you kept a smile on your face in your pictures!

    We went snorkeling on our honeymoon and I was soooo sea sick, I could not move. I was face down at the front of the boat counting the minutes until we got back on land. It ended up being hours later… misery!

    Can’t wait to find out where your Honeymoon 2 destination will be!

  9. Can’t wait to hear where you are going, I’m sure you’ll have a blast 🙂

  10. How fun!! I seem to have the WORST luck when it comes to getting sick around a big event, I think if I know someting really fun or important is coming up I think to much about becoming sick and get worked up..in my head type thing.
    I just got back from Costa Rica and I have horrible stomach issues, when to the doc today and got some antibiotics to help, I have been miserable.

  11. So sorry you had to go through all that! But at least now you get to have a second chance 🙂 Can’t wait to hear where you’re going!!

  12. I can’t believe you went through that!!! I’m glad you were able to take care of yourself and get home when you did. I can’t WAIT to hear where you’re going this time! Stay healthy!!!!

    I’m loving the new look of the blog 🙂

  13. Aww it is so great that you are doing a redo! Hope you have the most amazing time wherever you go!

  14. It will be great to have another adventure with him! 🙂

  15. Oh my gosh how horrible! I’m so sorry to hear about you getting sick on your honeymoon! And how scary that it involved your kidney! I have gotten really sick many times during important events and it’s so hard because not only are you disappointed and feeling bad, but you feel bad that you are letting the other person down. I hate that! But at least ow you can do a re-do in CA and have a fabulous time!

  16. chrissywarren75

    My sister had a UTI on her honeymoon too! She had never had one so she didn’t know the symptoms until it got really really bad. I am so sorry that you had to go through this! Especially on your honeymoon! I’m so glad that you get to re-do it though. Here are some really good tips to help you avoid any bladder issues this time:

    Have a great time on your re-do!

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